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News for the Week of Friday, May 19, 2017

May 19th Meeting Will Not Be at Dilworth Grille; We Will Picnic at the West End of Latta Park

Ranjit Rawlley Chosen 2017 Distinguished Rotarian

The club’s Distinguished Rotarians chose Past President Ranjit Rawlley as the 2017 Distinguished Rotarian.

Past President David Hodgkins, also a Distinguished Rotarian, made the presentation and remarks.

David said, “Ranjit has been a member of Dilworth South End Rotary Club since 1999, having served as Club President, as well as other board positions. He is a a Benefactor, Paul Harris Fellow, and a Sustaining Member. He was sponsored by Ret Turner.

“He currently fills his time as a real estate investor, having retired from BB&T after 25 years as a successful banker. He enjoys golf, tennis, and mountain climbing.

“Ranjit is a graduate of Davidson College. Prior to Davidson, Ranjit attended Knox College in Illinois.

“He was recently elected President of Dilworth Charities, our club’s charitable arm. In addition to Rotary activities, Ranjit has volunteered as a reader at Sugar Creek Charter School and has funded a fellowship for a Davidson student to teach for a year in his native India.

“Dilworth is proud to recognize Ranjit as its Distinguished Rotarian and is fortunate to have him as a member of our club.”

David explained that each year the club’s Distinguished Rotarians choose the person to be the year’s Distinguished Rotarian. The tradition began in 1993 with the selection of Jim Whittington, who was Charlotte’s Mayor Pro-Tempore. Last year’s recipient would have made presentation, but Gus Psomadakis is on leave of absence for health reasons.

The criteria established for the designation is that the individual be an active member and not currently serving as an officer. The honor is intended to recognize activities within the community as well as within Rotary.

Club to Meet in Latta Park for Annual Picnic, Visit to Dilworth Rotary’s Memorial Garden

We will meet May 19th in the picnic shelter at the west end of Latta Park for the 15h “Picnic in the Park.”

It will be an opportunity to visit the Dilworth Rotary Garden at the east end of the park. David Hodgkins, who has been chair of the garden since inception, said the Parks and Recreation staff maintains the garden well.

A story follows about the origin of the garden. The story appeared in the Rotary District 7680 newsletter a year or so ago.

Community Garden Helps Remember
The Late Clyde Horstmann of Our Club
Story from Rotary District 7680 Newsletter

The Dilworth Rotary Club Community Garden at the east end of Latta Park was created to honor the late Clyde Horstmann for a dream he had for his term as club President.

Unfortunately, he passed before he could take office, but the club made sure his idea became a reality. Some wanted to name it the Clyde Horstmann Memorial Rotary Garden, but his widow, Barbara, insisted that Clyde would not have wanted it named for him. The name bears the name of Dilworth Rotary Club. Every year since the garden was completed, the club members have had a Picnic in the Park. They also have members of the Parks and Recreation staff as guests. The garden at the east end of the park is more beautiful than ever. Visit the park and reflect on this special Rotarian, Clyde Horstmann.

Dilworth Noting for May 19, 2017

District Secretary Wally Olson Shows
Club How to Use the Data Base Effectively

District Secretary Wally Olson showed our club how to use the Rotary data base effectively. He stressed how important it is for members to keep their profiles up to date and for club officers to keep club data up to date. He demonstrated how easy it is to update a profile. Before the meeting he discovered that Corry Burridge’s profile didn’t have a photo of Corry. He took one before the meeting and showed how easy it is to insert a photo.

Member and Club News for May 19, 2017

News about Members

Tony Thompson has resigned his membership effective June 30th due to his current and future workload. He noted he had not been able to attend for some time. He wrote, “I have enjoyed my Rotary experience and think very highly of Rotary and all of the members of Dilworth Rotary. I wish the club success in the future.”

Member Matching CART Donations in May
Neil Howell

Rotary Anniversaries
David C. Hodgkins, May 1, 1974; Past President
James Sylvester Stump, Jr., May 1, 1985; Past President, PDG
Ernest A. Rider, May 5, 1997
Joy A. Rucker, May 25, 2007


May 19
Picnic in the Park
At Latta Park Picnic Shelter, invite family and friends

May 26
No Meeting
Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

June 2
Community Service
9 a,m, -noon.Meet at Second Harvest Food Bank

June 9
“Heroic First Responders”
Deputy Chief Jeff Estes of CMPD will present the program

June 16
“Our club in Bolivia”
Past President Richard Pockat

June 23
“Visions Global Empowerment”
VGE Director Greg Buie

June 30
“Queen City Family Tree”
Greg Jarrell, details to follow

July 7
No Meeting
Independence Day holiday weekend

July 14
“The Iitarod”
Vivian Coleman

Club Board Meeting
May 16
5:30 p.m.
Joy Rucker’s Cotswold First Citizens Bank office

Picnic in the Park
May 19
12:30 – 1:30
Latta Park

VGE Fund Raiser
June 25
3-5 p.m.
Comedy Zone